Event description

Designing Experiences with New Data

Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Bots, Virtual & Augmented Reality, AI/Machine Learning.

No doubt we saw these technologies play out in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Underlying all of these technologies are new sources of data and automation. Which leaves us with the question: How will we design meaningful experiences for people and businesses using this new data?

Creatives from SapientRazorish, other Publicis agencies and a selection of our clients will share their own unique point-of-view on this theme of Designing with New Data. Then we’ll shift to a panel discussion, reflecting on the things we’ve learned and what we’ll be designing next with data.

The event will be hosted in our office on the Embarcadero, where the event will likely spill out onto our decks overlooking the SF Bay.

Confirmed Panelists

Eric Campdoras, Group Creative Technology Director, Cognitive Experiences at SapientRazorfish

Joe Preston, Director of Design System and Engineering at Intuit

We know your SF Design Week itinerary will be full. Here is our planned schedule:

Networking, pizza and drinks (6:00–7:00PM)
Panelists present a POV on Designing with New Data (7:00–8:00PM)
Q&A panel discussion (8:00–8:30PM)
Networking / Late Happy Hour (8:30–10PM)

We look forward to hosting you!

Ticket sales for this event have been graciously donated to San Francisco Design Week produced by a 501(c)3 nonprofit to support the design community in San Francisco.

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